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Valvular Heart Disease

Valvular Heart Disease

Valvular Heart Disease services offered in Newport and Jefferson City, TN

Heart valve disorders affect the flow of blood through your heart, putting you at risk of heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, blood clots, stroke, and heart attack. At Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates, Dr. Pragnesh Patel and the team specialize in diagnosing and treating heart valve disorders. The interventional cardiology practice has state-of-the-art tools and a highly skilled team so patients get the best outcomes. Call or schedule your heart valve disorder consultation online today.

Valvular Heart Disease Q&A

What are heart valve disorders?

Heart valve disorders are a type of heart disease that involves the structure and function of the valves in the heart. Your heart has four valves that open and close, helping blood flow in the right direction through your heart and to the rest of your body.

If one or more of your heart valves fails to open or close properly, it affects the flow of blood and the function of your heart. There are three types of heart valve problems:



If your heart valve fails to properly close, blood flows backward. This is called regurgitation. Mitral valve prolapse is a type of regurgitation.



Stenosis means your heart valves are too stiff or thick, making it hard for them to open all the way. Aortic valve stenosis is a type of stenosis, affecting the valve that delivers oxygen-rich blood to the large artery (aortic artery) that then carries blood to the rest of your body.



Atresia is a heart valve condition in which the valve fails to properly form.


What can I expect during an evaluation for heart valve disorders?

You can expect a patient-centered and comprehensive evaluation when you visit Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates for a heart valve disorder evaluation. The team reviews your symptoms and medical history and does a physical exam.

Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to evaluate your heart and confirm or rule out a heart valve disorder. Testing might include:



Echocardiography is an ultrasound test that allows the team at Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates to see the structure and function of your heart. 


Doppler ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound looks at the movement of blood through your heart.


Interventional cardiology

The team may suggest an interventional cardiology procedure to get a better picture of your heart. For this test, they insert a catheter into the heart to measure pressure in the heart chambers and evaluate heart valve function. 


What are the treatments for heart valve disorders?

Treatment for heart valve disorders depends on the type, severity of symptoms, and related complications. Treatment may include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Taking medication to manage heart health

For some people, the team may recommend surgery to repair or replace the heart valve and prevent future complications.

Schedule your heart valve disorder consultation at Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates by calling the office or clicking the online booking button today.